Paris Rising Collection

“Paris Rising” is a collection of image works I started in 2016 depicting the changes occurring in the French people within Paris. The changes are coming from immigration, technology, desires, and the French people’s need to be independently different from the rest of the world. My photography captures the young and old, the working and leisurely, playful and serious, the rich and poor, the fashions of haves and have nots, the mansions and homeless, and the hungry who dine or beg.

Goals: I’ll be creating minimum of 20 new large gallery collector’s prints and a signed books of Parisians in the streets, work and at play in everyday life with some things still familiar to our impressions of long ago, but imbedded with their technology, transportation and leisurely habits. Create 25 to 75 new images for books, collectors and gallery exhibits.

The award monies will be used on air travel, food, printing and simple lodging. Collectors prints will be sold as limited editions and artist’s proofs will be held by Paolo Salcido Foundation.